Hello Friends,

This is Swapnil Borse, today we have with us nominated personality in Digital Marketing Mrs. Varsha who had more than 6 years of experience in digital marketing as well as content writing. So, we will try to get to know from her point of view what is exactly Digital Marketing from her point of view.

Swapnil: So, welcome you Ms. Monali & thank you for the allowing us to do this interview & give us permission to publish this interview on our blog www.jtechsolution.in in text format.

Ms. Monali: Thank you Swapnil for the opportunity given to me as I don’t feel that I am that bigger Digital Marketing expert but yes in last 6 years got opportunity with various kind of people where I had able to apply my knowledge to their brand growth and fortunately my suggestions & strategies are get works & my client could get benefit of this.

Swapnil: Yes absolutely, I personally follow you and the way you & your clients getting success because of your strategies, so me & my audience glad to hear your success mantra which is been applied by you while workign.

Ms. Monali: Yes, sure Swapnil actually i did nothing basically the Digital marketing is wast area if we gonna talk about on it then we need to have more 3-4 meetings for that but yes, actually i got an opportunity to work on various types of business profession i.e. Gold, Automobile, Service Sector etc. so in every sector there is different kind of challenges i.e. in Gold industry we need to focus rather our targeted audience those who are looking for something new & willing to get something new which is running in market, So we run a campaigner on that we means my client providing world class jewelry designs which was people can get only in metro cities, So that kind of campaign running through the Google Ad-word & Facebook Ad-word. & our efforts paid off to us & we have get huge response to our campaign.

Swapnil: That’s great to hear that the kind you campaign you have run for your client is really worth for him. my next question is Whats is in your mind while dealing with new clients, basically this is so basic question but all the beginner digital marketer has that question.

Ms. Monali: No, this is not the basic question at all, as per my concern it is the core important question because we all are gone though it & it is very practical question. I just has that in my mind that the what kind of nature of that business, what should be the target audience & what will be the scope for the growth these basic things i have in my mind while first meeting.

Swapnil: Ohh nice, that the same i did with while dealing with new client, it means i am on perfect track. Next thing is which was the tool use by you to make your work easier?

Ms. Monali: Basically i use Hoot suite to manage various clients profile at one place it makes very easy to me manage all the profiles at the same place without knowing the user id & passwords for different different accounts. And for business automation i usually use Landing pages with Mailchimp & Zapier for automation.

Swapnil: That’s great, One more thing i would like to ask that how you deal with your client in concern of charges or Payment? means how would you decides that how much you will charge for that client on behalf of work or an assignment basis?

Ms. Monali: Actually it is totally depends on the client requirements we can’t specify the specific service charges for all clients, every one has their own different different requirements & and according to that we need to charge, So it is very important to know the area & size of the work.

Swapnil: Thank you ms. Monali for enlighten us with your insight knowledge on Digital Marketing, there so many things which would like to ask you but i know due to time consent we need to stop here, it’s our pleasure that you give us so important information & it will be very beneficially for us. Thank you So much.

Ms. Monali: Yes. Sure due to time consent i need to go now but definitely we will meet next time where we can discus the things in details, Thank you for inviting me thank you very much.

Swapnil: Yes, sure we will mange another meeting soon, Thank you very much.